Immanuel, God with us, touching lives through Christ.

 Immanuel Lutheran Church is growing in faith as it accompanies ELCA missionary Rev. Kristin Engstrom and Northern Illinois Synod Companion Churches in Tanzania and India.

Immanuel felt called to partner with Rev. Kristin Engstrom, the Country Coordinator for the ELCA Young Adults in Global Mission (YAGM) program. Annually, 4-6 young adults work alongside The Lutheran Church of Senegal and Rev. Engstrom to support daily work activities in schools, churches and community groups. They share their lives and learn from people in this predominately Moslem country.  Rev. Engstrom spoke at Immanuel as she was in Chicago recruiting YAGMs. She also shares information via newsletters and websites . Annually, on Global Mission Sunday, we take a special offering to support her work and we pray for her weekly. We grow in faith as we learn and understand how mission is done by the ELCA and LCS.

For over 20 years our Northern Illinois Synod has had a Companion Synod relationship with the North Central Diocese of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania (ELCT) and also the Arcot Lutheran Church (ALC) in southern India.  Immanuel decided to build on these relationships and learn as we accompanied these brothers and sisters in Christ.

The ELCT has a health care ministry with Arusha Lutheran Medical Center and nursing school in the capital city of Arusha. Tanzania has a dramatic need for more nurses in its hospitals, clinics and village health centers. A project was envisioned for a new Nursing School and Immanuel Lutheran Church joined the ELCT, NI Synod and other Lutheran congregations to raise financial support. This dream will become a reality in 2020. Since then, Immanuel Lutheran Church continues to support this cause by funding $1,000 yearly via OBA for nursing student scholarships so they can continue their education. We raise funds by hosting a BBQ Chicken and Pork Dinner and hosting fundraising nights at local eateries.

Members also walk with the other NI Synod Companion Church, the Arcot Lutheran Church in southern India. The NI Synod sent a delegation there and both bishops and lay representatives celebrated our relationship. During the Lent season, we distribute daily devotional materials and ELCA World Hunger Piggy Banks to Immanuel members. We collect offerings for ALC projects, most recently teaching materials for use in their Paramedical Institute for teaching nurses and technicians. We are learning of the challenges in this nationalistic Hindu developing country. We are always amazed as we count the piles of coins from our piggy banks and find an abundance of financial support for Arcot and its ministries. Throughout the remainder of the year, we offer many, many prayers for our companion church in India.

Rev. Engstrom & new YAGMs
Rev. Engstrom with ILC
  1. Arusha Nursing Students, Tanzania Africa
  2. Arusha Nursing Students, Tanzania Africa
  3. Arusha Nursing Students, Tanzania Africa
  4. Arusha Nursing Students, Tanzania Africa awaiting class to begin
  5. Construction of Arusha Nursing School, Tanzania Africa
  6. Arusha Nursing Students, Tanzania Africa
  7. Managing Director
  1. Managing Director
  2. Managing Director
  3. Managing Director
  4. Managing Director
  5. Managing Director
Quilts & LWR
Immanuel is proud to support the Lutheran World Relief (LWR) by providing 100 beautiful warm quilts created by the ladies of Busy Hands . These quilts are sent around the world to places where they are needed most. At a special Global Mission Sunday celebration these quilts are blessed before shipment to LWR.

This year we have been able to send over $3,000 to these special Global Mission partners.