Growing in Faith in Community and as Individuals

In today's fast-paced world, it is often difficult to keep up with the demands of our careers, education and family life. 
Fitting faith into our already busy lives can become the day's last priority or maybe it doesn't fit into our day at all. Immanuel Lutheran Church and its congregation hope you find these resources to be an opportunity to invite Jesus into your life and grow in faith and love for all.
Pastor's Percolations
Midweek Meditations
Stumbling Tward the Eschaton
Pastor works to keep the congregation motivated and focused on the current season with insight from God's messages in the Bible, often simple, are related to today's complex world. His message posts monthly .

Pastor recently began to broadcast a w eekly message posted on Facebook
to help keep us grounded in Faith.
How do we bring about Heaven on Earth or simply create a peaceful, heavenly state with mankind, find out in this exciting podcast .