For unto us, a savior is born.

Christmas is a time for joy and jubiliation at Immanuel Lutheran Church. Celebration of the Christ Child, Jesus born unto Mary begins with a Christmas Eve Candlelight Service on December 24th which includes congregational Christmas carols, scripture readings and prayers specific to the season. Candles are distributed and lit at the beginning of service and extinguished at the end of service.

Christmas Eve is celebrated with the Sunday school program as students present the Christmas story with the help of the congregation through a short skit, song, and celebration.

Christmas Day worship is a traditional service, combining traditional Christmas songs and readings which emphasize the spirit of the season.
“Peace on earth will come to stay
when we live Christmas every day."

Christmas Eve Candlelight Service
December 24th
4:30 pm

Christmas Eve Christmas Program
December 24th
6:30 pm
Christmas Day Worship Service
December 25th
9:00 am