Whoever serves me, the Father will honor. (John 12:26)
Service in Christ
The first opportunity for independant servitude begins in the fourth grade. Students have been learning bible lessons and the importance of walking in the footsteps of Jesus. While Jesus served others, our youth in the 4th grade and older have the opportunity to assist Pastor in celebration of Holy Communion at Sunday service.
  1. How to Get Involved
    Any child in 4th grade through high school is eligible to become an acolyte. To register and begin service, contact Pastor or the office. Confirmation students volunteer regularly to acolyte during the school year and throughout the summer.
  2. How Often Do I Serve
    You can volunteer as much or as little as fits into your schedule. Opportunities to serve at Sunday services are available regularly during the calendar year, with two services during the school year and one service during summer months.
  3. What's Next?
    On your day of service, plan to arrive one half hour to speak with Pastor about your duties and prepare for your obligation..